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The Aeolian Islands... Lipari

The Main Island of the Aeolian Archipelago. Known as Meligunis (from the Greek “Melos” or “sweet”) in ancient times.
Lipari has 9 000 inhabitants, called “Liparesi” or “Liparoti”. They live in the hamlets of Canneto, Acquacalda, Quattropani and Pianoconte, as well as in Lipari town around the port.
It is of volcanic origin. There are various extinct Volcanoes on the Island, such as Monte Sant’Angelo, Monte Guardia, Monte Giardina and Monte Pelato.
Volcanic activity is evident from the thermal springs, the fumaroles and from the large quantities of pumice and obsidian stone.
The Acropolis, known locally as “Castello”, is the historic centre, where you will also find the Aeolian Museum.
The Cathedral, dedicated to the local patron saint, is in the same area.
Various footpaths connect the various villages of the Island, and are very popular among walkers.
The vegetation is typically Mediterranean, with rare plant species and animal breeds.