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The Aeolian Islands... Vulcano

Vulcano was known in ancient times as the “sacred Island” (Hierà) dedicated to the god Hephaestus or Vulcan, the Roman god from which the Island takes its modern name.
It is separated from Lipari by a channel, about 1,6 km wide.
There are four Volcanoes on the Island: Lentia, Vulcano Piano, Fossa di Vulcano and Vulcanello.
Only Fossa di Vulcano is still active, with a fumarole activity.
The landscape is stunning.
On your arrival you will be hit by the strong smell of sulphur, produced by the fumaroles on the Volcano and on Vulcanello.
You arrive in Porto Levante, and will immediately notice the rocks called faraglione Grande and faraglione di Levante, with the nearby sulphur mud baths, famous for their therapeutic effects in the treatment of various skin ailments.
Continuing along the north side you will reach the strip of land connecting Vulcano and Vulcanello (a smaller volcano emerged in relatively recent times). Here you can visit the “Valley of the Monsters”.
Excellent hard cheese and ricotta are produced on the Island.