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The Aeolian Islands... Panarea

There are many natural phenomena which attest the island’s volcanic origin.
Panarea has been inhabited since the I millennium BC. The most important settlement was that of the capo Milazzese headland, where the archaeological remains of a prehistoric village have been excavated.

The little islands of Basiluzzo, Dattilo, Lisca Bianca, Bottaro, Lisca Nera, Panarelli and “formiche” (the ants) make an impressive scenic impact around the Island.
If the sea is calm, you can easily see the bubbles created by underwater volcanic gas.

From the second half of the 20th century, the Island has become a favourite resort for famous people from the world of business, culture and entertainment. It has therefore become known as the “VIP” Island.

Eleonora’s falcons are present on the western side of the island.