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The Aeolian Islands... Stromboli

Stromboli has been known since ancient times as the light house of the Tyrrhenian sea because of its continuous volcanic activity (the general term “Strombolian” takes its name from the Island itself). According to the legend, Homer imagined it to be the home of the god Aeolus. In ancient times it was called Strongyle (spinning top) because of its round shape.

The villages on the island are: Ficogrande, Piscità, S. Vincenzo and Ginostra – a tiny village of about 30 people which cannot be reached by land. In 1975 a Greek necropolis, with tombs dating back to the IV century BC, was discovered.
In 1930 a terrible eruption and consequent tsunami forced many inhabitants to leave the island.

Tourism began to develop in the 1950s, after a famous film by Michelangelo Antonioni.
The “Sciara del Fuoco”, the black lava flow, is extremely interesting. boats can stop just beneath it, and from this vantage point it is possible to admire Stromboli’s volcanic activity.